Mason Science Series Research Discussions

Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Location: Ongoing

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Dean Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm invites you to join us for the Mason Science Series Research Discussions throughout the academic year. Each discussion features a Mason Science faculty member presentation about their ongoing research. After each presentation there will be a Q&A Session with the speaker, facilitated by Dean Miralles-Wilhelm.

View the latest Mason Science Series Research Discussion – Science and the Arts Unite: The Drama of Water

Past topics:

Science and the Arts Unite: The Drama of Water

A Quantum Life: The Transformational Power of Education

Sustaining the Planet for our Children and Grandchildren: A Conversation with two Mason Distinguished University Professors

Breast Cancer at the Bedside: The Clinical Impacts of Proteomics on Early Detection and Precision Medicine

At the Scene of the Crime: Modern Scientific Approaches for Studying the Time Since Death

Protecting the Potomac: An Ecological Story of Degradation, Recovery, and On-going Challenges

Rising to the National and International COVID-19 Challenge

Microbes and the Stories They Tell: Microorganisms as Sentinels of Organism Health and Ecosystem Function

Seeking the Invisible: Detecting Supermassive Black Holes in Space

Extinction by Infection: The Hidden Face of Disease Emergence, Globalization and Climate Change

Insights from Space: Extracting Value from Satellite Imagery Utilizing Machine Learning

What Reptiles Can Teach Us About Cancer

The Challenges of Future Automates/Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Genomics is Old-Fashioned: The Next Frontier of Proteomics for Molecular Medicine

Smart Cities, Urban Science, and Transnational Crime: Mason’s Geoinformation Scientists Lead Global Partnerships with Local Impact

Commonwealth at Risk: Mason’s Weather and Climate Research Helps Virginia Predict and Prepare for the New Normal

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